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What is this about?

Dear You: Letters to Lost Friends is a compilation zine project containing letters to people who for various reasons, are not in our lives anymore.

It is inevitable that people who enter our lives, leave eventually. Dealing with people leaving is not easy, but it is the ways some of them leave that just make it a lot more difficult to handle. The sudden non-talking, the disinterest, the distance, death...

This could be due to many reasons, major disagreements, moving away physically or emotionally, breakups, differences, changes in life circumstances, deaths and etc.

Why did you create this zine?

I feel that letters are able to convey very raw feelings because it is addressed right to the person in question. There are a lot of things that run through our minds that we'd like to say or tell them but many times it is very difficult to. Apart from catharsis, it is also a coping mechanism to deal with the void.

I've also particularly enjoyed reading the letters from this letter-writing LJ community and thought a compilation zine would be a good idea. Lastly, as mentioned in the About Me page, the idea was inspired by real-life events.

It is hoped that through the sharing of letters to people in our lives we get to better appreciate the ones already in it and learn what or what not to do in future.

How do you define 'lost' and 'friend'?

Lost - as long as they are no longer a significant part of your life / no longer in your life at all.
Friend - any way you deem appropriate.

How do I submit?

Simply write your letter as a comment on the Submission Post. Some guidelines to adhere to:

- Recommended approximate word count: no limit
- Begin with 'Dear _______ (name of friend/s)'
- End with a sign-off from yourself (pseudonym/real name)

Entries are submitted anonymously, or under pseudonyms if preferred. Submit as Anonymous (screened) to the submission post. Do bear in mind that LJ has a default character limit of 4300.

Why anonymous when with The Perfect Day it wasn't?

Somehow I feel this project would be more personal than The Perfect Day and having your 'real' name attached to it could be uncomfortable for some. By submitting anonymously or under a pseudonym, people could feel more free to express their heartfelt feelings.

Can I write to more than 1 friend?

Yes, you're able to address more than 1 person in your letter (e.g. A bunch of friends). However each contributor should submit only 1 letter.

How many words again?

No limit.

Will my entry be edited?

It will only be edited for grammar and spelling, and you will be informed in that case. However I will edit those whose English is not the native language.

Will my entry be included in the zine for sure?

As with The Perfect Day, there could be instances of entries with a slight/total mismatch in theme and should that happen I'd inform the writer and see if he/she would like to tweak it to match the theme. If not, the entry would unfortunately be rejected.

Is there a rating limit on this zine?

I'd recommend PG-13 to a mild R.

Technical details of zine?

The zine would be 1/4-sized, type-set in a sans serif font, with a full-color card cover. If you would like to do the cover, feel free to email me at: janell [ d o t ] hoong [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com

How many entries are you intending to collect?

This is hard to tell, but if possible I'd like to collect as many as possible. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say between 24 - 32. It would depend on the length of each letter too.

Deadline for submission?

30 April 2013

If I contribute, will I get a copy of the zine?

Unfortunately no, because then it wouldn't be anonymous anymore. The zine will be put up on sale at my shop for a small nominal fee though, so you can pick it up then. Thank you ladyerlynne for pointing this out to me!

When can I expect the zine to be ready?

It would depend on how many submissions come in. The Perfect Day from conceptualization to tangible copy took 1.5 - 2 months, so I'd expect Dear You to take 2 months tops. It would probably be safe to say it would be ready before the turn of the new year.

Would you be selling the zine on your shop?

Yes, I'm not seeking to make money off your work and will sell it for only a nominal fee to take care of Paypal, Etsy fees and the printing and postage.

Any other questions I've not addressed?

Feel free to email me / leave a comment here. Thank you and have a good day! : )
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